Making tech cool with a focus on continual learning

I am constantly surprised by my colleagues, both locally and internationally, in terms of the things they’re doing and what they are mastering. If you are looking to learn from your colleagues who are working on some really cool stuff, Sogeti is the best place to work.

I’ve been building RPA, intelligent automation and hyper automation solutions and leading projects for the past seven years, most recently here at Sogeti. I was initially headhunted into our parent company, Capgemini, some four years ago and moved across at the beginning of 2021 by way of an intercompany transfer.

My journey in Sogeti has been an enjoyable one, especially working with a strong team of 20,000 colleagues globally! While we may be a big team in terms of numbers, in many ways we still work like a small company — and I mean  that in a positive way. It is easy to reach out to people and collaborate on or even discuss exciting projects. I also feel that the different country units are very close to each other, giving us international reach.

Building a business and a career

I have had plenty of opportunities to develop my expertise and shape my career. One of the highlights would be building and growing the Sogeti business in Finland, with support from both the local and international management.

This year, I have been working on three different assignments, one of which is to help a customer ramp up their hyperautomation program. For this, we’re working on raising awareness of the program through training and events and supporting employees in their use of the hyperautomation tools. We’re also helping them identify automation opportunities and translating their ideas into practical hyperautomation solutions.

In this evolving landscape, you are learning something new every day. This is important now that we are growing and encountering challenges that we need to resolve, both for our own business and our clients.

Staying on top of technology trends

Despite busy working days, I try to find time to learn and try out new things. The need to stay on top of technology demands this continual learning. In a field like technology, where things that I learned a couple of years ago would have evolved rapidly, I cannot afford to stop learning.  Sogeti’s technology consultants are relied on by clients to be at the vanguard of technology and innovation, and this is only possible if we keep our knowledge up to date.

Certification is a significant part of this learning journey. These certifications allow us to showcase the level of our knowledge and expertise in our respective domains and provides a certain credibility when we approach clients. However, I always tell people that certification alone does not make you an expert. Applying your knowledge is important to keep your skills sharp. 

I am in a position where i regularly interact with job applicants and people who are curious about our company. I always tell them that Sogeti is a home for great technological talent and an ideal place if you want a job where there is great potential to grow beyond your current expertise. For me, it is a pleasure to work with so many talented people, not just within my own competency area but across Sogeti globally.

Jaakko Lehtinen
Jaakko Lehtinen
Director of Automation, AI and Analytics