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Marketing Automation Implementation Mindset

You’ve considered – and purchased – a Marketing Automation System (my first post). You completed the necessary exercises within the organization to get started (maybe those suggested in my second post). You are now ready to implement the solution, and here, your mindset is key in getting not only a good start – but also to being able to finish strong.

Start Small – Think Big – Scale Fast

It started as a conversation around implementation with one of those responsible for Marketing Cloud from Salesforce themselves. He mentioned the above statement. Having been involved in both Pardot and ExactTarget (i.e. Marketing Cloud) implementations, I have to agree with the words. However, I do believe it’s also relevant to add a few words to the individual components – and why they make sense.

Start Small

This is not about your data model and the technical implementation – of course this needs to be in order – but to me, it is about the core functionality in the Marketing Cloud. [...]


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Kenneth Wagner
Kenneth Wagner
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