NHSBT chooses Sogeti in the UK for COVID-19 project

NHSBT chooses Sogeti in the UK for COVID-19 project

It’s not news to us that the novel coronavirus has meant that healthcare systems across the world are facing unprecedented challenges. The focus of the R&D world is now squarely on COVID-19, and the race is on to develop a vaccine.

As of now, the UK is gearing up to use plasma from the blood taken from coronavirus survivors as a possible treatment for hospital patients suffering from the disease.

Just before Easter, the NHS Blood and Transplant Service (NHSBT) contacted Sogeti with an urgent request to provide performance testing expertise to one of their COVID-19 projects, with a direct reporting line into the Secretary of State for Health.

The initial goal of the project is to provide an online registration form to allow recovered patients to register their consent to give plasma.  Initially NHSBT need to collect a large sample size to conduct clinical trials, and then later this will be extended to provide therapeutic plasma for up to 5,000 severely ill patients each week.

Our primary role has been assuring that during the peak period of online questionnaire uploads, all the information is safely received and stored in a database with no failures due to an excessive load.

I am proud to say that through the combined expediency of Sogeti UK and a great technical team from NHSBT, we were able to deliver the skilled resources to support the project within one working day, working over the Easter weekend to make sure the NHSBT site was fully functional.

"This is a unique situation where the right technology and trusted partners can make a real difference to people’s lives. We were delighted that the Sogeti team were able to provide performance testing expertise at speed to support this nationally critical work" commented, Vinod Thomas, Head of Applications Testing, NHSBT

For me, personally, this is not just a great example of how we deliver value to clients but also a great example of how passionate we are about what we do. As a trusted partner to the NHSBT, we were delighted to be able to take an active role to support this critical project.


Phil Lupton
Phil Lupton
Account Director, Sogeti UK