Predictions for Sustainable Enterprise IT Trends in 2022

As part of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ‘climate action’ has taken on an urgency and is galvanizing governments, companies, and individuals to act now — before it is too late. Jayanto Mukherjee, Vice President, Sogeti OneDeliver Cloud Transformation Leader, makes five predictions for the impact of this urgency on enterprise IT in 2022.

There’s no doubt that sustainability has become a business imperative for every organization. This is led from the very top, with 60 percent of leading Fortune Global 200 firms having created a position for a director, VP or executive to lead their sustainability programs. However, in many instances, IT is not part of the picture. In its recent report ‘Sustainable IT: Why it’s time for a Green Revolution for your organization’s IT’, the Capgemini Research Institute notes that 50 percent of firms say they have defined an enterprise-wide sustainability strategy, but only 18 percent have a comprehensive sustainable IT strategy.

My predictions for sustainability in 2022 are predicated on this situation changing rapidly as enterprise IT transforms into sustainable IT. Here we will see decisions being made with sustainability at their core, for example eco-designing applications to minimize resource utilization, optimizing application redundancy, developing sustainable solutions through analytics, effective storage of data with lower resource utilization, and greater utilization of cloud services.


Get your foundations right

In all of this, the important starting point for transforming your IT in pursuit of ambitious climate targets is to set the foundations with a qualitative and quantitative diagnostic assessment and a sustainable IT strategy that aligns with the organizational sustainability strategy. Our own roadmap also includes creating a robust governance approach with a dedicated sustainable IT team and the ability to operationalize IT initiatives, with sustainability a key pillar of the software architecture.

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Jayanto Mukherjee
Jayanto Mukherjee
Vice President, Sogeti OneDeliver Cloud Transformation Leader