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Production tester or Experimental tester?

We are three years away from the golden jubilee of the first human ever landing on the moon. The 1960s was the era when everyone was fascinated by space travel.

One of the first hits of the legendary David Bowie, “Space oddity” (about astronaut Major Tom) is testimony to this.

As you know the first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong. A man with an eventful life, and a man who knew what he wanted and made clear choices.

The one thing Neil was always passionate about was flying. During the Korean War he flew many missions. Soon after, he graduated in aeronautical engineering and started looking for a job. He clearly knew what he wanted to be: an “engineering test pilot.”

Aha, so Neil Armstrong wanted to be a tester. But not just any kind of tester. He had quickly discovered there are two types of test pilots. [...]


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