Reduce tomorrow's rework by addressing knowledge debt today

easy debt pay off tipsSoftware maintenance effort usually represents between 50% and 90% of the total budget that companies invest in software engineering activities. Sogeti’s World Quality Report concludes, in alignment with existing studies and software professional experiences, that once a system is released, we usually need to come back to it (for corrective maintenance, evolution, quality assurance activities, etc.). At this point, if a crosswise knowledge management strategy has not been considered, rework may arise, and many times, it may be too late to address it without overcosts. There are several day-to-day examples that fall into this situation: testers that need to recover the requirements in order to know what to test effectively, maintenance people that need to rethink about current and expected system functions behavior, difficult evolution due to loss knowledge, etc...


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Reduce tomorrow's rework by addressing knowledge debt today.