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One of the things that I find the most fun in my work is when I get to be creative and get to inspire. This often happens when solving problems or thinking out-of-the-box. The latter is exactly what this post is about. The insurance industry is the first in hopefully a long series of blogs, that looks at how exactly Salesforce can make a difference.

The Industry’s Market

Insurance is as we know them (at least in Denmark). You enter into an agreement for a year at a time and pay either yearly or monthly. We have them in the hopes over never needing them, and if we need them, we expect to be able to reach our insurance company fast. When we get through to them, we expect them to be ready to help us with our problem (often a damage claim or a product question) and we expect the process to be smooth and simple.

For the insurance companies I can imagine that there will be measured on anything from ACV (Annual Contract Value), MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), 1st time resolutions, number of claims, number of calls, amount of damages paid, coordinating emergency operations (e.g. when natural disasters hit) etc.

Which challenges does the industry face?

In collaboration with European Financial Management Association (EFMA), Capgemini has published the ”World Insurance Report 2015” – the 8th report in the series (see the most important points in 4 minutes). In the report more insights are provided as to the bigger challenges the industry faces. What leaps into my eyes, is that the survey revealed “… an alarming drop in customer experience scores”, and that it was namely the digital challenges that was responsible for the poor experience. [...]


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