Sogeti Augments Microsoft Partnership with Azure Expert MSP Status

Sogeti’s Gold Partner relationship with Microsoft has been strengthened further by our accreditation as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP), for the fourth consecutive time.

This achievement signifies our Group capabilities to deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions and support to our clients. It also demonstrates our ability to harness the power of Azure, empowering our clients to thrive in today's digital landscape, and underscores our commitment to excellence and dedication to staying at the forefront of industry standards.

Being a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP is hugely important for Sogeti, and our clients. It augments our standing as one of the most capable and experienced Azure MSPs globally. Our comprehensive cloud offering, OneDeliver, offers a broad and deep portfolio of cloud consulting and IT services around the world.

As a Cloud Solution Partner we have over 52,000 Microsoft trained team members and over 10,000 Certified Professionals available. Our comprehensive cloud services are engineered to deliver the benefits that we see being sought around the world. We were among the first accredited partners when Microsoft launched the program in 2018 and are delighted to have maintained this status.

Rigorous Accreditation Process

As you would expect for such a prestigious certification, the MSP accreditation process is extremely rigorous, the preparation of which itself took ten weeks right from completing the pre-requisites with Microsoft, the pre-audit and the 2 day full audit. The audit focusses on 6 major sections and 60 subsections with an extremely demanding examination of the applicant’s best-practices in Assessment, Design, Migration, Managed Services and Governance, showcasing leadership in driving some of the complex Azure Transformation journeys for clients. 

During the intensive audit, we demonstrated the tools, technologies and processes we use to meet Azure Expert MSP requirements. We were also assessed on the quality of training for both new hires and experienced colleagues, which was described as “best practice in Azure skilling and ongoing training”.

Commenting on the Sogeti team’s commitment and involvement in the audit process, Navin Quadros, Cloud CoE Lead (OneDeliver) said: “Our Accreditation is a testament of a true one team approach. All 85+ team members participating in the audit played a pivotal role in helping the group achieve full marks in the Partner Audit Scorecard showcasing the group’s expertise, skill and capability throughout the MSP Audit process. This is indeed a highly prestigious – and thoroughly deserved  recognition of our commitment to deliver top-notch cloud solutions for our Azure customers.”

The audit report states: “Sogeti demonstrated good expertise in promoting and deploying the various Azure services with commensurate proof of implementation in customer environments. They have well defined and well-developed Cloud transformation strategies to help their customers in their cloud transformation journeys.”

Customer confidence

Sogeti’s accreditation as an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider continues our long-term alliance with Microsoft, through which we are helping enterprises to accelerate their adoption of cloud technologies. But how does this translate to our customers? Jayanto Mukherjee comments:

“Being an Azure Expert MSP, places us at the forefront of Microsoft’s latest technical advancements and Azure best practices. We will use this to continue to support our clients at all stages of their cloud adoption. That’s why we built Sogeti Cloud OneDeliver: our goal is to help customers leverage public cloud technology without any of the IT pain points along the way. In doing so we will help them improve their business performance by adopting and embracing cloud in the ’right’ manner.”

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Jayanto Mukherjee
Jayanto Mukherjee
Vice President, Sogeti OneDeliver Cloud Transformation Leader