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The Beautiful, Terrible Power of Technology

For advocates of technology, the past few years have been filled with wonder and excitement at breakthroughs that have opened a world of possibilities for a dynamic, interconnected world. From IoT to blockchain to robotics, to the emergence of 5g networks, to artificial intelligence and the algorithmic life, the canvas is clearly being prepared for incredible innovation in the coming decade.

As the Technorati steams forward into the future, however, it is worth pausing to ask ourselves whether the costs – and the obligations of wielding – this incredible power have been considered enough.

Many years ago, I visited an island with my wife.  Accessible only by ferry, no vehicles were allowed, and roadways were populated with horse-drawn carriages. Stepping off the ferry, an elderly man shouted “Damn industrialists!” at the disembarking passengers.  I scoffed at the time, choosing to dismiss his sentiments as the ramblings of an angry luddite. [...]


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