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Top Five Essentials of Living in the Digital Age

You know this… so let’s do this! These are the five things everybody should do to stay happy and healthy, digitally. Take an hour to do these things and prevent days or weeks of hassle later in life. Really, do it now!

1. Backup –Install a backup solution, either use your Mac or Windows backup solution, or use a dedicated Cloud backup tool for a few dollars a month. You will be so happy you did this, if you ever lose your laptop or accidentally overwrite that all-so-important, almost-finished manuscript. Don’t forget your mobile devices: back up important data such as pictures, contacts and messages too!

2. Passwords – Did you read all the news articles about passwords getting stolen? It’s almost certain one of your passwords will be stolen in your lifetime. So, regularly change and
improve your passwords. Make sure you use different passwords for different services, choose the right passwords (like this), or if you have too many to remember: install a password-manager. Again, same for your mobile device: make sure it auto-locks and uses a strong code or fingerprint, encryption, etc. as they are most likely to get lost or stolen. [...]


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