Unleash the Dragon!

This week I encountered a situation which reminded me of a clip from the hit-series Game of Thrones. In this clip Tyrion Lannister walks down a stairway into a dungeon, to unleash a couple of dragons.

We get a glimpse of his face and see how terrified he is when he finally sees the dragons. The giant angry dragons snarl and puff at the little man that just walked down the stairs, but are also curious what he is doing there. He then starts to talk to the dragons and explains a bit about his motivation. He then touches the dragons to calm them and free them from their chains, trusting the dragons not to kill him. As soon as the first dragon has been set free, the second dragon bows for him like he’s asking him to release him too. Still scared and trembling, he walks back up the stairs. Knowing, or at least hoping that he did the right thing.

This week I was participating in a client workshop to provide more insight into one of the customer journeys we are trying to create for our transformation. We quickly learned that from a customer perspective, the customer is quite happy with the current process. The complexity lies within the domain that is responsible for processing access management.

I like to call this, their Dragon in the Dungeon. [...]


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