Businessman forgets his schedule

Unorganize and WIN!

Last night I was at our annual VINT symposium in Bussum in the Netherlands. The topic was “unorganized” and a good number of speakers told us about the developments in IT and how unorganization is a part of that.

Thinking how to apply this, I got inspired from the speakers and my colleagues Menno and Sander.

Many of the things I saw last night, are topics I have used to explain to people why Agile is such an important development in the ways we look at problems. It is not new that technology and market developments have sped up in the past decades; and we must change our way of thinking and innovation to keep up.

Wait…ways of innovation? Is there another way of innovating? Maybe not innovation itself needs to change, and you cannot speed up the way people innovate, can you?[...]

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