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What Testers Can Learn from Book Editors?

I have several friends who work in the book business as editors. During the last 10 years, I’ve managed to get a glimpse into their work and see how a manuscript is transformed from the first draft into a full-fledged novel.

It is no secret that most authors thank first and foremost their editors when the book is finally published. The book itself has the author’s name on the cover but usually, they remark that they “could not have done it themselves”. This is because the book editor’s job is to make the author shine. They need to polish the work and help build something extraordinary from the author’s creation.

The 2011 blog post by Beth Hill tells us this about the tasks of the book editor:

An editor polishes and refines, he directs the focus of the story or article or movie along with a particular course. He cuts out what doesn’t fit, what is nonessential to the purpose of the story. He enhances the major points, drawing attention to places where the audience should focus.”

Now this is the idea: the editor and the author both work together in order to make something brilliant.

That is something that we need to embrace also with the developer/tester relationship[...]

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