What’s on offer with Microsoft Power Automate?

Over the past two years, companies hit by the global pandemic have had to make significant changes to their business models and day-to-day operations. Digital transformation – including the development of new business applications – promises to help organizations deal with these changes. This raises a new problem, however: today, there simply aren't enough developers to deliver on the promise of digital transformation.

Step forward low code solutions like Microsoft Power Platform, which enable enterprises to focus on their core business and stay at the forefront of digital transformation, without having to hire new developers or invest heavily in building software.

Making automation accessible

Power Platform enables users with limited programming skills to innovate and build new applications with ease. For a deeper understanding of the possibilities of the platform, click here.

Within the system, Microsoft Power Automate democratizes automation by providing an affordable, low-code automation solution for professional and non-professional developers. This functionality has been expanded in recent months with Microsoft Power Automate Desktop and Process Advisor – both focused on enabling users to optimize how they work.

In this blog, we’ll focus on why Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a huge opportunity for organizations, and how these new capabilities add value to Power Automate.

Bridging the gap and identifying automation opportunities

The launch of Power Automate Desktop improves organizations' ability to drive value from process automation. 

Power Automate Desktop provides RPA capabilities via a robust desktop authoring experience. With Power Automate Desktop, organizations can break the boundaries between legacy and modern solutions using low code RPA. Power Automate Desktop provides a unified automation platform that bridges the gap between API-based automation using cloud flows, and UI-based automation using desktop flows.

Also included is Process Advisor Preview – a new process-mining option in Power Automate that helps organizations identify and determine which processes to automate first, according to their value to the organization.

These new options put Power Automate at the forefront of the RPA revolution. But why should your team use RPA and Power Automate at all?

Simply put: RPA is a way to help your organization be more efficient by saving time and increasing productivity. It enables companies to quickly build applications or chatbots, improve processes, gain insights and improve how they organize their work. The solution can be easily integrated with other applications and platforms using out-of-the-box connectors.

Better still, Microsoft Power Automate is easy for anyone to use without training. Knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint will help you a long way.

Automation insights with Power Platform Process Advisor

Many of our customers have significant IT backlogs, with the business part of the company wanting value to be delivered faster than the IT department can deliver it because they don't have the necessary resources” says Glenn Wesenhagen, Lead Solution Architect at Sogeti. "Companies usually have multiple types of processes in their organization, but they don't have the resources to automate them all."

Sogeti has therefore created a service to empower enterprises to use Power Automate to integrate automation into their business processes.

Daniel Laskewitz, Sogeti Power Platform Lead, is clear on Power Automate’s potential in this area. "[Power Automate] is an end-to-end offering. Now, with the new addition of Process Advisor, we get the ability to easily gain insights to choose the right processes to automate."

Sogeti has used Process Advisor with several clients and within our organization to identify workplace tasks that are most time-consuming and error-prone, and therefore the most cost-effective to automate.

According to Laskewitz, the addition of the Process Advisor option is particularly useful. “The real superpower of Process Advisor for us is that we can ask the people involved in the process to capture the tasks themselves. This way we can make sure we have the right data and statistics when we analyze the results. Process Advisor helps us get a better overview of the processes we automate and gives us insights we wouldn't get otherwise."

Ready to get started with Process Advisor and Power Automate Desktop?

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Unlock your teams’ productivity potential and multiply your development power

Enterprises worldwide are turning to Microsoft Power Platform to drive productivity and free up their IT teams.

Read more about Power Platform

Unlock your teams’ productivity potential and multiply your development power

Enterprises worldwide are turning to Microsoft Power Platform to drive productivity and free up their IT teams.

Read more about Power Platform


Neha Bajwa
Neha Bajwa
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