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Series 1

In these changing times, we have created a series of short digital episodes to keep you up to date on new research, insights and practical advice on the world of technology and innovation.

Register for our series of agility & quality webinars and discover how to overcome the trade-off between operational control and business agility. Find out how your business DevOps teams can build the speed and flexibility required to deliver your organization’s ambitions, while complying with company and industry regulations Each episode highlights different aspects of how Agility, Quality, AI & DevOps can create faster time to market for your organization. Register below.

Realize your ambition with ‘Quality for DevOps teams’

Episode 1

To continuously deliver IT systems with the right quality at speed – and a focus on business value – DevOps teams must integrate quality engineering in their way of working. This session draws on the new book and renewed TMAP® body of knowledge launched in March 2020.

Continuous Testing Report 2020: What you need to know

Episode 2

The Continuous Testing Report 2020 is a great place to track the transformation underway in software testing in the age of Agile, DevOps and test-automation. Lead author Antoine Aymer will drive the discussion sharing highlights from key chapters of the research: shift left, test orchestration, supporting processes, shift right, and test organization.


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