Techflix 2 Series 2 Episode 2

Beautiful Delivery – Putting DevOps, Cloud & Automation to work

The focus of many enterprises today has shifted from growth to a matter of survival. To stay in business, organizations have realized that they must be agile enough to quickly release new, secure software and change their business models almost overnight.

Techflix 2 Series 2 Episode 2

Episode: Beautiful Delivery – Putting DevOps, Cloud & Automation to work

Length: 42 min



Until recently, those organizations adopting Agile principles in their way of working have typically done so to speed up innovation, gain more business flexibility, and reduce time to market, among other business reasons. Now we can add survival to this list. And all of this is possible with the adoption of DevOps, enabled by cloud and automation.

In the DevOps world, the more you can automate, the better your chance of survival. From deploying new software on top of your cloud infrastructure, to testing, running environments, and creating secure reusable code components, automation makes it better, faster, and more efficient.

This episode will ask:

  • What automation and cloud tools do successful organizations put in place to deliver secure software faster?
  • How does automation assist with compliance, governance and security across multiple DevOps teams – and who is responsible for these aspects?
  • What does an InnerSource methodology enable DevOps teams to achieve?
  • What is the value of self-service cloud technology platforms that include security, identity, consistency, cost management and deployment automation?
  • How does cloud enable developer velocity in a remote or distributed DevOps model?



Michiel Boreel
Michiel Boreel
Group Chief Technology Officer of Sogeti
Frederic Cruchet
Frederic Cruchet
VP & Global Head of Cloud Services, Sogeti

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