techflix 2 Series 6

Series 6: How to be a disruptor

How to be a disruptor – Innovate at the speed of technological change

Can you really have a natural conversation with your computer? Or tap into customer emotions by experimenting with game-changing innovations at speed? Innovators can. This series places the customer at the heart of our innovation accelerator, the Sogeti Thinkubator. And it tracks the evolution of Natural Language Processing, assessing why it’s so hard for computers to unravel human speech – and how close we’re getting to achieving it.

Techflix 2 Series 6 Episode 1

Episode 1: The rising need for innovation at speed – Create your Minimum Lovable Product fast

In this ‘Innovation at Speed’ special of Sogeti TECHFLIX Season 2, learn how we successfully apply our Thinkubator approach with various clients and the benefits it brought them.

Techflix 2 Series 6 Episode 2

Episode 2: Look who’s talking... What is NLP & why is it important?

In this episode of Sogeti TECHFLIX Season 2, we debate whether NLP is the ‘final frontier’ of machine intelligence and ask whether it has matured enough to really understand our intentions.



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Michiel Boreel
Michiel Boreel
CTO, Sogeti Group
Joleen van der Zwan
Joleen van der Zwan
Global Community Manager, Sogeti
Paul Verhaar
Paul Verhaar
Lead Data Scientist, Sogeti
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