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Synthetic data - how to revolutionize your testing approach

Synthetic data - how to revolutionize your testing approach

Episode: Synthetic data - how to revolutionize your testing approach

Length: 35 min (25 min presentation, 10 min Q&A)

The new digital testing environment is paving the path for several new methodologies and technologies that are revolutionizing the world of DevOps and testing. One of these technologies is AI.

QA teams need to simultaneously maximise the speed, quality and privacy of test data whilst at the same time reduce the cost and complexity that can come with provisioning it?

Artificially generated or synthetic data can help solve this conundrum as it eliminates the need to wait for ‘real’ data or ‘test data’ and as its synthetic its GDPR friendly.  This can ultimately lead to reduced test time and increased flexibility and agility during development.
Want to know more? Then Meet ADA (Artificial Data Amplifier) it generates realistic, usable data based on real data sets – but it’s entirely synthetic.


Our experts:

Mark Oost
Mark Oost
Global CTO Analytics & AI Services
Deepa Mamtani
Deepa Mamtani
AI Specialist

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