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Accelerating Digital Delivery in the War for Talent

On 29th of March 2017, we co-hosted a webinar with GlobalData on how Public Sector organisations in the UK can address the changes to the IR35 regulations, win the war for talent and become digital leaders.

Wednesday 29 March 2017, 11:00 - 12:00

All enterprises find it hard to attract skilled technology workers. It’s even harder for public sector organisations with inflexible pay structures and cumbersome hiring processes, especially those located outside metropolitan areas. Now, this challenge will get even harder for organisations that rely on contractors under changes to the IR35 regulations on disguised employment. Within these constraints, we are all striving to become digital leaders: deliver great citizen services, increase business agility and reduce expenditure.

This webinar covered:

  • How other Public Sector organisations are dealing with IR35, and where they are investing to plug the skills gap
  • What factors to consider before deciding what, when and how much to outsource
  • How the right combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics, automation and DevOps will deliver quantifiable business value while minimising risk
  • How smart metrics and advanced multi-vendor management provide greater assurance and control

This webinar was chaired by Sogeti UK's SVP Gary Moore, and Jessica Figueras, Chief Analyst at GlobalData (previously Kable). Listen to it now to hear their views on accelerating digital delivery and winning the war for talent.

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