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Webcast: the secrets of two cloud native pioneers

Innovate. Accelerate. Disrupt. Get ahead of the competition. We reveal the secrets of two cloud native pioneers. Watch our cloud native webcast.

This thought provoking and insightful event looks at how leading companies are getting ahead of the competition by adopting a cloud native approach. They are innovating at pace. Leveraging velocity. Creating a differentiating customer experience.

  • Discover what it takes to unlock the power of cloud native applications to accelerate new services to market and deliver greater business agility and growth
  • Find out why a recent global survey discovered that 84% of digital leaders had increased revenue with a move to cloud native

In this webcast you will hear from two cloud native pioneers in the automotive and energy sectors on how they were able to launch game-changing services and products quickly and cost effectively.

Read the ‘Cloud native comes of age’ report and discover how 84% of the digital leaders surveyed (those developing and deploying applications faster than others) say that moving to cloud native has helped them to increase revenue and reduce operating costs.


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Mehdi Essaidi, Associate Director, Mov’InBlue
, will discuss how the Valeo InBlue™ vehicle entry/start system solution is transforming the driver experience with smartphone lock and start capabilities and secure vehicle data transfer via a highly secure cloud-based platform.


Jorg Van Heesbeen, International Business Development, Jedlix (part of the Eneco group), will describe how a cloud native approachhas accelerated the global rollout of the award-winning smart vehicle charging app that tracks optimum green energy availability.


hubert beaucarneHubert Beaucarne, Global Cloud Leader and Deputy CEO, Sogeti BeLux, will highlight the key findings and takeaways from the "Cloud native comes of age" report.