What next for Public Sector Digitalization?

What next for Public Sector Digitalization?

After a year of huge disruption, Government organizations and the wider Public Sector must now take stock and ask... what next? The global pandemic has changed the way in which citizen services have been delivered, forcing the acceleration of digital transformation programs.

With that acceleration comes new challenges and new questions. Has back-office transformation kept pace with citizen service change? What COVID-19 mitigation measures will ensure Public Sector employees can confidently return to the workplace or work in a more hybrid manner? How are visionary Public Sector leaders seizing this moment to forge a digital future?

Join Sogeti and Microsoft for an Executive Briefing on May 20, 2021 from 10AM to 1PM CEST as we explore ‘What next for Public Sector digitalization?’


This interactive event has been specifically designed to bring together Public Sector CIOs, CTOs, and Chief Digital Officers.

Keynote presentations will set the virtual stage, with insight from latest Sogeti and Microsoft research, and expert analysis of the challenges of digital transformation, the new purpose economy, and citizen happiness in a digital world.

10:00-10:20 Keynote by Michiel Boreel

10:20-10:40 Keynote by Mikko Vittalia

10:40-10:50 Break

10:50-11:30 First Breakout session

11:30-11:40 Break

11:40-12:20 Second Breakout session

12:20-12:35 Breakout session findings and discussion by moderators

12:35-12:45 Are you tapping into the possibilities? – A use case discussion

12:45-13:00 Closing discussions

Michiel-Boreel-color-round-150x150.png‘Playing with reality’ by Michiel Boreel, Sogeti

With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, our Global CTO is one of our most sought after speakers. He is known for the engaging and visionary speeches he delivers at our national and international events. In addition, he is passionate about working closely with our clients to create in-house workshops where, through a strategic dialogue, emerging technologies are translated into specific business opportunities.


Mikko-Viitaila-color-round-150x150.png‘Better security with the Cloud’ by Mikko Vitaila, Microsoft

With over 20 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity and as the Regional Technology Officer for Microsoft in Western Europe, Mikko helps customers and partners unveil the possibilities of new technology and advancing secure and responsible digitalization.

His keynote will explore how organizations facing constantly evolving cyber threats and struggling to keep up their defense, will need to abandon old approaches and leverage modern technology and a Zero Trust mindset to survive.

Breakouts will happen in small groups of 5-7 people. With 2 sessions and 3 options to choose from, breakouts are about discussing best practices and exploring a visionary example. The session will have one moderator and two expert speakers.

  • Mobility and the modern workplace: Are you ready for the Digital native employee?
    The foundation stone that has perhaps been most under-served across governments is that of mobility. Mobility is not just about remote working but relates to the ability to deliver access to capability and applications to and from a range of devices, for instance delivering services to citizens wherever they may be and whenever they wish to access them. The sudden transition to remote working has led to increased bandwidth demands and this is expected to provide impetus to the delivery of 5G infrastructure.
    Case: City of Amsterdam five-year approach, how to be ready for the digital native employee

  • Data at the core and how to use for more self service for your citizens / Clients / Patients
    There is also increasing recognition that Data analytics and with that automation is a critical and under-utilized asset in government. Data analytics offer the opportunity to deliver insights regarding citizens, the organization or potentially adversaries and enable evidence-based decision making
    Case: AI in region Västerbotten, Sweden; Prediction discharge and care burden from Intensive care

  • Fundamental shift: How to accelerate your Journey to the Cloud
    In many government departments there has been a reluctance to adopt the cloud, with many citing security concerns. These have mostly been laid to rest and there is now an increasing openness to it as the most fundamental of the foundation stones. But the question is how to do this in a safe and secure manner.
    Case: Cloud transformation journey of a public sector client

Be part of the debate. We hope you will join us for our virtual Executive Briefing on May 20, 2021 from 10AM to 1PM CEST as we add up the benefits of a digital future, from long-term savings and huge productivity gains, to better citizen and workforce experiences.



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