InCodeWeTrust Video

Sogeti 'In Code We Trust' Amsterdam Post Summit Video

Sogeti recently hosted their annual Executive Summit in Amsterdam. This was the 14th consecutive year of the conference. The theme for this years executive summit focused on the 'In Code We Trust report which is a the second report in a series of four from our new research theme 'Digital Happiness'.

Over the past eighteen years PR agency Edelman has been measuring World Wide Trust levels. The 2017 version of their trust barometer showed a Total Meltdown of trust in corporations and institutions while at the same time the trust in technology continues to be remarkably high.

One explanation for putting so much trust in tech, is the high expectations people have about future technological breakthroughs. There's so much that remains to be desired: from self-driving cars to frictionless shopping experiences. But will technology be able to live up to those expectations or are we in for a massive disillusion?

The summit was supported with a  range of inspirational speakers ranging from Jamie Bartlett, author and tech blogger for The Spectator and Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media for Demos, Andrew Keen, British-American entrepreneur and author, Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman of Silicon Valley based Constellation Research, Inc and Katelijne Duerinck, Co Founder of CodeFever.  

Watch the video and to hear from some of the speakers on their opinions on how trust in digital is evolving;

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The Summit explored questions such as ‘So we should reconsider how to organize trust in a sustainable manner?’. ‘Can we distribute trust in technology-based solutions such as the token economy, autonomous intelligent systems and self-organizing platforms?’ ‘Are we trust-ready for the next digital waves, for instance in biotechnology?’ What are our options really and what should we take into consideration before we decide who and what to trust?’

With over 70 key clients attending across Europe and with 100% feedback from clients that completed the post event survey saying they would attend the Executive Summit in 2019 it was a great success.

For more information on the Summit programme and to get copy of the ‘In Code We Trust’ report  visit