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Sogeti, ROC Friesland College and Microsoft together win Computable Partner Award

Sogeti was in the spotlight at the annual Computable awards gala on October 31, 2017. Together with Microsoft and ROC Friesland College, Sogeti won the partner award for the digital workspace project that has given 15,000 students access to FCLive.

This cloud portal with, among other things, integration of Office365, offers students access to personal teaching material and other personalized information anywhere and on any device.

Strong collaboration

The development of a completely new working environment for both students and employees of ROC Friesland College was judged to be a crowing IT competency achievement. It is a great example of collaboration between the contributing partners (Sogeti, ROC and Microsoft) that thousands of students already benefit from. 

Smart Workspace

The Smart Workspace solution from Sogeti provides ROC Friesland College with considerable savings, for example in the area of ​​management. Administration costs for the central intranet platform have dropped by 50% and the time for software updates has been reduced from seven to two weeks. The College also has real-time insight into the use of all systems and applications.

The portal was delivered by Sogeti and Microsoft in just one month. Crucially, adoption increased to 80% within 2 months due to the portal’s user-friendliness. For example, e-mail traffic via the portal has increased by 2,000 percent.


Want to know more about Smart Workspace?

Curious about the Smart Workspace solution and the experiences of ROC Friesland College? Request a no-obligation demo via the button below.

Joyce Van Der Stroom
Joyce van der Stroom
Marketing and Communiations Manager