Sogeti UK continues to deliver solutions to the UK public sector through the new G-Cloud 6 framework

Leading Testing and Quality Assurance provider retains its place on the new G-Cloud 6 procurement framework and adds 5 new services to its portfolio, including its Oneshare cloud-based development and testing solution.

London, UK –11 February 2015 - Sogeti UK, a leading provider of professional technology services specialising in software testing, application management, infrastructure management and high-tech engineering, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a place as a supplier on the new G-Cloud 6 framework. After the latest round of applications, Sogeti UK is able to supply for Lot 2: Platform as a Service and Lot 4: Specialist Cloud Services – allowing the UK public sector to rapidly source and deploy its solutions cost effectively.

Sogeti’s services have been available for procurement through the G-Cloud agreement since 2012, with new additions to its portfolio in each round of applications. In addition to the 17 Sogeti offerings that previously featured on the G-Cloud 5 framework, Sogeti has added 6 new service offerings for Gcloud6. One of these is Oneshare, a cloud-based solution, built on Microsoft Azure, which allows customers to load and manage test and development environments on-demand, with access to necessary tools and resources. The pay as you use pricing model allows complete visibility and control over usage, whilst maintaining standardisation of your environments. All of Sogeti’s G-Cloud services can either be offered through, or compliment OneShare, in line with the UK government’s Cloud First policy.

The G-Cloud framework is a cross–government initiative from the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) that allows UK public sector organisations to easily compare and procure a range of IT services; helping those organisations to spend effectively and intelligently. It supports the Government’s policy to centrally manage the procurement of services through an integrated commercial function. In November 2014, the Digital Marketplace replaced CloudStore as the procurement portal. The framework hosts more than 1,400 suppliers, offering a diverse portfolio of 19,996 services. In December 2014, sales through the G-Cloud reached over £345million with an average of £27m spent each month. Search capabilities are currently undergoing improvements, along with the categorisation and filtering of services; these will all work together to help buyers and suppliers engage more effectively.

Sogeti UK’s CEO, Brian Shea, commented: “We are delighted to have been awarded a place upon the G-Cloud framework for the 3rd year running and pleased that our services have been included in the new Digital Marketplace. Our presence on the previous frameworks has driven keen interest in our services and we hope to continue this with our presence on G6. The use of cloud-based services is a priority for both public and private sector organisations across the UK as they look to increase flexibility, speed up time to market and work more cost-effectively. All of Sogeti’s services can help you to achieve these objectives, particularly OneShare which has been added in this iteration of the G-Cloud framework.

For more information about Sogeti’s G-Cloud Services, please email or visit the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace. We will also be present on 23rd June at The Public Sector Show 2015 at London’s ExCel venue.