Customer-centricity connected mobility

Customer-centricity is the DNA of connected mobility. Learn how to build and strengthen deep connections with your customers.

Almost all cars sold today include connectivity features, and the automotive industry recognizes connected mobility services as a major opportunity to create new revenue streams.

Even more importantly, those connected and software-defined vehicles are ushering in a new era of deep, long-lasting customer relationships. Connectivity offers more than just new products and models – it enables deep, long-term, and symbiotic customer relationships, but to realize this opportunity, OEMs and other mobility service providers need to interact with customers in totally new ways.

Our infographic explores how you can leverage Capgemini’s partnership ecosystem to help you get closer to your customers.

Topics covered include:

  • Transforming customer experience across the lifecycle
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Adopting new sales and ownership/use models

…and much more.

Please download the infographic and contact our experts today to discuss how the ideas and recommendations included could help your organization become a mobility services provider and put yourself in the driving seat of the connected mobility revolution.


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