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Utopia for ExecutivesDigital Happiness #4 - Utopia for Executives

The fourth and final report, ‘Utopia for Executives’, interviews some of the world’s thought leaders in the fields of technology, society, ethics, happiness and wellbeing.

The report takes us on a journey of discovery. Each visionary interviewed for the report offers insight into the technology and culture shifts that organizations must respond to. How? By turning their focus from balance sheets and profit margins to having a purpose defined by a desire for the better good – of society and our planet.

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Digital_Happiness_covers-03_300x424.jpgDigital Happiness #3 - Synthetic Generation

Growing up in an uncertain changing world

The third report in Sogeti’s Digital Happiness series charts the rise of a new generation of influencers – post millennial young people for whom the concept of digital ‘transformation’ is alien. ‘The Synthetic Generation’ report argues that digital and new media behaviors are simply ‘normal’ to these Gen Z youngsters, for whom being an influencer or following their favorite influencers (fake or real) are part and parcel of everyday life.

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Digital_Happiness_covers-02-300x424.jpgDigital Happiness #2 - In Code We Trust

For the past eighteen years PR agency Edelman has been measuring World Wide Trust levels. The 2017 version of their trust barometer showed a Total Meltdown of trust in corporations and institutions while at the same time the trust in technology continues to be remarkably high.

In Code We Trust is the second report in a series of four from our new research theme 'Digital Happiness'. Trust is one of the six most important variables that have been identified as supporting well-being (according to the World Happiness Report of 2018). Trust has become such an important part of the current debate on technology, which is why we have fully dedicated our second research report to this.

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Digital Happiness #1 - The Happiness Advantage

Digital happiness is rapidly becoming the new frontier of competition. 

It's becoming clear: Digital Happiness is under attack. Our new research report that is being launched today, pleads for more digital happiness. People first is more than a slogan. The darker side of digital life is increasingly coming to the fore. Fake news disrupts the view of reality, smartphone addiction leads to depression among youth and the digital manipulation of our behavior poses a potential danger to democracy. Tim Berners-Lee, spiritual father of the Internet, even speaks of a the Web being weaponized. He wonders whether the rest of the population should be connected to the internet as it stands now. Digital happiness as a leading design principle for society as a whole and all organizations that operate in it is necessary for a radical change of course.

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