Hybrid working has fundamentally changed the relationship between organizations and their employees, placing new challenges on your ability to recruit and get the most from your people. 

The people experience is “a holistic approach to affecting how people feel about an organization.” It expands on the employee experience to take into account work-life balance and how people’s work circumstances may impact life outside their jobs.

Based on interviews with 1,000 HR leaders and conversations with NelsonHall clients, John Willmott, CEO of NelsonHall, identifies the mechanisms and success factors needed to enhance your people experience through connecting your process, technology, and operations. This includes:

  • People experience challenges faced by organizations operating in hybrid environments
  • Actions required to improve the people experience at the critical moments that matter
  • The importance of learning and development in delivering personalized learning experiences and benefits
  • The potential role of third parties in delivering an enhanced people experience
  • Success factors for delivering superior people experiences in a hybrid working environment.

In this paper you will learn about Capgemini’s vision for reimagining the employee journey into an amazing people experience and the building blocks to deliver exceptional experiences to your own people.

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