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“Recognizing the urgent need for valuable and trusted energy insights beyond France, we have created a broader European Barometer to deliver more CPPA news to wider audiences.”

Arthur Arrighi de Casanova, Head of Sustainable Futures, Capgemini Invent France

With unprecedented volatility in energy prices and increased commitment to ambitious sustainability targets, many companies have started paying close attention to Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs). These agreements between producers and consumers secure high-quality green energy for the long-term at a stable price. But with so much data now flooding the market, it can be difficult to zero in on the most important information. To combat this, Capgemini Invent has created a CPPA Barometer, a detailed and impartial report on historical evolutions, trends and latest deals between producers and offtakers.

Announced deals in Germany: Q4 2022

Source: Capgemini Invent, The European CPPA Baromenter, Q4 2022 edition. 

This quarterly publication builds on the success of the flagship French Barometer, which is the go-to guide to movements in the national CPPA market. It delivers equally clear and concise data for each country but goes further by comparing key markets right across Europe. Each country’s CPPA market history, the quarter’s energy deals, cumulative volume announced in GWh, and notable announcements are presented in a user-friendly format. We report on all the developments in European energy because real power matters:

The main indicator presented in the report is the cumulated annual volume of CPPAs announced in the country. It corresponds to the sum of the electricity volume (in GWh/y) of all CPPAs that have been signed in this country during this particular year.


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