How CSPs are battling energy costs and carbon footprints

With energy prices rising, it’s AI and data to the rescue .

The telecom industry is sailing into a storm.   

The rising cost of energy is causing difficulties for CSPs in the form of high costs now, and unpredictable expenditures in the coming months. High electricity consumption is also a problem in countries where electricity sources have a high CO2 footprint.   

In our new report, we look at the ways data and AI can keep energy consumption under control, even as network usage is rising.   

Learn about:  

  • the role of data analytics and AI play in reducing energy consumption,  
  • how AI can help: the four levels of maturity 
  • an inside look at Project BOSE, Capgemini’s solution for energy optimization in the telecom industry.  

The ability to navigate rising energy prices will prove crucial for CSPs this year.  
Read our full report to learn more about the essential tools for keeping energy costs under control.  


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