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TechnoVision 2022 – dive into automotive innovation

Where will the automotive sector go in 2022?

TechnoVision for Automotive 2022 – Being like water – is your chance to catch up on the latest trends and see where the industry will be heading in the coming months. Read on to learn more, or get this year’s edition now.

Being like water covers a multitude of disruptions that are shaking the automotive industry. Customer expectations are changing. Products are evolving. Ecosystems are growing. Technology continues to redefine drivers’ relationships to their cars. And cultural disruptions reflect the need for manufacturing companies to embrace the very different world of software development. TechnoVision for Automotive 2022 dives into each of these areas with up-to-date details on a host of developments in the automotive world. Learn about: 

  • “You experience”
  • The driver’s seat getting more comfortable
  • Me, myself and the metaverse
  • Frictionless touchpoints
  • Translating data into empathy
  • Avatars in virtual showrooms
  • A new era of collaboration
  • Much, much more


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Steps for OEMs to take now

Being like water goes on to present how actors in the automotive industry can respond, astutely leveraging technology trends to keep the innovation flowing.

Learn the latest on:

  •   OEMs thriving on data
  •   Process on the fly
  •   Applications unleashed
  •   Invisible infrastructure
  •   Balance by design
  •   Much, much more

Get the big picture. Read this year’s TechnoVision for Automotive edition here.

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