TechnoVision 2023: Financial Services

Technology is and will remain an integral part of the business equation, implying that every business is a technology business. While technology choices are plentiful, applying them requires human and natural resources that are increasingly scarce today.

TechnoVision 2023: Financial Services is our fifth annual playbook, exploring the technology-business challenges and opportunities for the industry today. See how you can balance digitization with evolving risks and sustainability, while shaping the future of regulated markets. Learn about new levers for operational efficiencies, how to transition to AI-native processes, and more.

We bring you an in-depth perspective by providing 37 technology-business trends applicable to the industry and over 70 real-world examples across banking and insurance to help guide you in your strategy for the future.

This report provides a holistic and time-tested framework for business leaders and technology practitioners to explore how technology can be leveraged for a transformative and positive impact on their organizations and society.


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