The metaverse – opportunities for business operations

Drive immersive, augmented experiences across your organization.

Technological terms are frequently imprecise. Different people mean different things by them – and the metaverse is a case in point.

For many, “metaverse” is a word that describes a world of virtual or augmented reality inhabited exclusively by gamers or early adopters on social media platforms – a concept that limits the scope of what the metaverse is, or of what it might be.

These virtual or augmented worlds need not be constrained by current, consumer-oriented applications. They also have significant commercial potential. The metaverse can transform the way business works.

In this paper, we start by defining the term “metaverse” and what it means at Capgemini. We discuss the opportunities immersive experiences can present to business, and the interaction between virtual worlds, immersive experiences, and decentralized technology.

We then investigate the future of optimization and outsourcing, and the impact the metaverse will have on business operations, with use cases on HR, customer operations, supply chain and procurement, and finance and accounting. We also discuss the challenges organizations need to overcome and the areas they should focus on when harnessing metaverse technologies.

Finally, we look at the steps you can take to start your metaverse journey – and how working with an external partner with the right expertise, experience, and technologies can help you build a metaverse that drives new opportunities for immersive, augmented experiences across your entire business ecosystem.

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