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The Sustainable Enterprise

Why cloud is key to business sustainability

Leaders know they have an important responsibility to transform their business models for the future and to embed environmental sustainability and social responsibility into their operations. Many organizations are years into their sustainability journey and are making bold strides towards their visions for carbon neutrality or net-zero. Few of those organizations understand how impactful IT can be in helping them achieve their goals.

This paper, authored by the Capgemini Group, aims to address this lack of understanding and explores how organizations can act on and benefit from sustainable IT, fast.

It considers the environmental and operational significance of sustainable IT and why many enterprises are reluctant to address the issue. It then examines the outsize impact and importance of cloud computing for business sustainability and how organizations can achieve truly sustainable IT via cloud.

Throughout, we refer to innovative solutions offered by Microsoft to support organizations along their sustainable IT journey. This includes its new power-matching technology in Sweden, which will deliver breakthrough sustainability benefits to Azure enterprises in the region.

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