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VINT Research 2: Empathic Things

Intimate Technology from Wearables to Biohacking.

VINT Research 2: Empathic Things - Intimate Computing from Wearables to Biohacking

In this second study on Things, VINT explores the coming transition toward a more empathic form of computerization.

In the past few years, information technology has become increasingly personal and social and has made its presence very much felt. The emergence of wearable computing and other forms of empathic 'things' seems a logical further step: even more intimate, more human-oriented, and ubiquitous. There are more and more devices that count our steps, take our blood pressure or measure the indoor temperature, track our location or conversations. We are witnessing a computer boom in terms of kinds, shapes and sizes – around, on or inside the body – that behave increasingly smart and link up more and more intuitively with man's extremely personal and natural interface.

We are offering a look into the latest phase of the post PC era; where the fighting flares up for the new form factor, where the foundation is laid of new ways of communication between man and computer, where Bring Your Own Wearable Device (BYOWD) constitutes a challenge for organizations and the Systems of Engagement will develop their empathic ability to a high extent. In the next decade Personal Computing will become really personal: inside, on and around the person with attention for the context of the individual. It is an evolutionary development that:

  • will further change the way organizations and consumers, authorities and citizens, companies and their staff treat one another and make it more intimate;
  • abounds with paradoxes and raises big questions that cannot be answered offhand, like: shall we have more control of our (digital) lives or shall we be increasingly ruled by computers;
  • will no doubt be accompanied by a large number of failed market introductions before the right forms and applications are found.

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    Sander Duivestein
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