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Accelerate your Smarter Product journey... today

We can provide our expertise and experience in product engineering gained from working with key industrial & infrastructure products & devices. Our investments in IP’s, process and technology assets, ensure you can rapidly create & deliver a Minimum Viable Product definition, Business Case & ROI analysis.

Our Smarter Product kick-start offerings are designed to help you “Rapidly, Identify, Design, Prove and Build the right innovative, scalable “Smarter” Product/Service.

Our Innovation Workshop Framework will help you identify and select the best use cases and ideas and help transform your concept to a viable product quickly and with the right technology solution.

Our Smarter Product Assessment service gives you greater insight into your product portfolio. How connected and secure are your Smart Product offerings today? The evaluation allows you to identify possible gaps in your product portfolio and spot the opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Innovation workshop

The innovation workshop utilises our proven innovation framework - The Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE). Our network of start-ups and partners combined with our design thinking approach and Product Engineering expertise, helps you explore various potential product or service opportunities. We can help identify the options that can be developed further with minimum risk and maximum return.

The Innovation workshop covers:

  • Define the business hypotheses and create strategic alignment
  • Define vision and objectives,
  • Identify, understand the use case and target users
  • Create concept design and visualize product innovation
  • Conduct initial Feasibility study and Build the business Case

Smarter Product Portfolio and Technology Assessment:

The assessment covers:

  • Access to our A5 Framework to assess the maturity of the product portfolio
  • Identify the gaps and areas of improvement based on the maturity level and identified use cases
  • Evaluate various technologies options to address gaps
  • Create an improvement roadmap and overall reference architecture for the Product line/s
  • Deliver a set of possible opportunities and solutions to address identified gaps.

Our kick starter services can help accelerate the adoption of IoT. Interested to find out more? Then please contact us be sending your details to the right and we will get in touch to discuss further.

  • Atul Kurani
    Atul Kurani
    Practice Leader, IoT and Software Products, P&ES
    +91 982 061 86 56

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