Data Quality as Service

Data Quality as Service

Cost and Skillsets are two key speed breakers for delivering Data Quality.

Data Quality delivered on Pay Per Use

Data Quality is essential for your business as it helps with cost savings, increases efficiency, enhances end user satisfaction and reduces risk and fraud.

Cost and quality of skills are the key challenges for Data Quality which is why our Data Quality as a Service offering addresses both these concerns by bringing the power of cloud, a pay per use method and a knowledge driven industrialized approach.

We offer Basic and Premium services, which include Data Analysis, Data Cleansing Services, Data Matching Services, Data Verification and Data Masking.

How We’re Different

We provide Data Quality offerings that gives you the benefits of SaaS yet is completely customizable.

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Cloud Model

Ensures quick time to market as the infrastructure is setup along with Data Quality software and high performance assured. Pay per use ensure cost savings

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Support you can count on

Dedicated teams for Operational Support, Development, Cloud and Data Quality tool ‘under one leader’ makes the delivery seamless.

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Accelerator speed to market

We offer faster insights and quicker ROI through our pre-defined Frameworks and Accelerators. We use our best practises and library of resources, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


Data Quality Delivered for a Multinational Tobacco Company


Client challenge

A UK based tobacco conglomerate had multiple regional SAP R3 systems and needed a new service for establishing regular reporting of data quality and process quality measures. This new service aims to help identify the data in multiple file formats for data sources and improve –compliance as imposed by the rules and regulations standards.

How we made value

We implemented a data monitoring project for the client to assess the compliance levels for its heterogeneous SAP R3 systems for operations, finance and marketing business functions. We created a staging area for data coming in from multiple file formats from 10 countries and performed data quality monitoring procedures based on specified compliance parameters.

Sogeti impact

Due to the on-going activity 30% of the global SAP R3 data monitored, has been identified to meet the compliance levels. We also helped reduce cost due to the efficient offshore leverage which might increase overtime and provided data quality metrics-based reports to help monitor their ongoing data quality compliance level.



Featured Insights

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Our rich experience in analytics is focused on solving the complex business challenges of our customers. We produce 100+ Analytic Roadmaps every year and saving costs  for our clientsthrough the use of our expert developers, Agile methodology and more.

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Amiya Das
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