Data Security and Privacy Services

Data Security and Privacy Services

Our value focused, public cloud planning and implementation. Designed and implemented to your specific needs.

Cloud Strategy – Make the right cloud choices

Setting the right direction of travel is critical. We chart your Cloud journey based on hands on experience, so that you migrate your applications and create new functionality in a future-ready manner.

To ensure you’re on the right track, our Sogeti experts work shoulder to shoulder with your architects and business users. They will guide you with a comprehensive cloud assessment and create a futureproof cloud strategy.

Reaching your goals

Our cloud Strategy service is value focused. We listen to what you want, we challenge and guide your thinking, then we carefully plan how you get there.


Remodelling PostNL

Client challenge

Decreasing revenues forced PostNL to innovate their business model and reduce the TCO of their Group IT facilities. Their new strategy is to outsource their IT completely except the orchestration of the IT- Business alignment and to close the data centres. The increasing dynamic market forced them to create the opportunities to facilitate Agile innovation and scalability.

How we made value

Sogeti supported PostNL in defining a detailed roadmap to migrate over 30 mission critical applications to the Windows Azure platform, including supporting middleware services like service bus, Java stack, Oracle and SQL instances, I&AM.

Sogeti impact

Reducing Cost of IT, decreasing the size of the IT unit of PostNL and closing down the data centres increased their capacity to create and adopt new innovative solutions, available in the cloud or supported by Cloud based technology. Standardized, generic cloud solutions and services reduced cost by increased scalability.

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Sogeti brings an integrated approach with domain , technology and project management capabilities to deliver single version of truth.


Our Experts:

Our rich experience in analytics is focused on solving the complex business challenges of our customers. We produce 100+ Analytic Roadmaps every year and saving costs  for our clientsthrough the use of our expert developers, Agile methodology and more.

Prithvi Krishnappa
Prithvi Krishnappa
Global Lead, Data and Analytics, Sogeti

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