RPA Run As A Service

We provide organizations with a fixed cost BOT maintenance service based on volume and ticket complexity, using our experts.

RPA Run As A Service - BOT Maintenance Service Made Simple

Having the skills inhouse to maintain your automated RPA services can be costly and unnecessary. Using the experience of hundreds of automation projects, we’ve created RPA Run As A Service to save your business money and give you peace of mind.

Our RPA Run As A Service is as complex as you need it. We work using a Pay Per BOT model and all our options are scalable to fit your business as it grows.

Our fixed cost options include Bronze, Silver and Gold pricing with multi time zone features and SLAs to calibrate your needs.

How We’re Different

We work with you to create the perfect package for the present, as well as keep an eye on your future requirements so you can stay ahead.


Grant Thornton RPA Transformation


Grant Thornton

Client challenge

Grant Thornton, the world's seventh largest service provider of independent accounting and consulting member firms, had several issues they wanted Sogeti to solve.. Along with a high turnaround time for smaller service tickets and a lack of regular health checks - leading to frequent business disruption - they wanted to improve efficiency, automate and create better continuity.

How we made value

Sogeti began by monitoring with daily health-checks through AppMon & UiPath and implemented proactive problem management using SmartAnalytics. We also developed and implemented a knowledge sharing tool - “Knowman”, and installed Chatbot as a Service to help agents respond in a fast and accurate way.

Sogeti impact

We created short and long-term recommendations for improving the robustness of the process, now Grant Thornton could track ROI and efficiency. Over the project duration it delivered a 25% ticket reduction, cost savings, and an increase in CSAT by +10%.

Grant Thornton


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Balaji Rajagopalan
Global Lead Automation & AI, Sogeti

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