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Cloud Economics Framework

Cloud value not what you expected? It’s time to reposition your cloud costs in a broader Cloud Economics Framework.

Cloud is one of the modern technology heroes. Yet all too often, it is increasingly challenging to keep cloud project costs under control. Instead of the promised structural cost reduction for managing the entire IT landscape, costs often head in the other direction.

Figures in the RightScale research report "State of the Cloud" reveal that 80% of both novice and most experienced cloud users see cost management as the main challenge. Even more than ensuring a safe environment and associated compliance challenges.

A key challenge is how to forecast spend accurately. Many organizations struggle with this and end up significantly exceeding their cloud budgets. In fact, cloud spends are increasing for ~59% of organizations.

Cloud Economics is about more than just costs

At Sogeti, we refer to cloud costs – along with all financial aspects related to the cloud, including the value derived – as Cloud Economics.

Our Cloud Economics Framework aims to get your Cloud Economics in order. We know that reducing cost is now a top priority. New cloud users are focused on increasing the use of cloud to reduce IT costs. And for those organizations already running a multi-cloud strategy, it’s about cost optimization. But there’s no assurance that either will deliver. In fact, 70% of organizations fail to get the value they were expecting.

That’s often because they fail to set up a framework for cloud cost management from the outset. This leads to cloud sprawl or the uncontrolled proliferation of the organization’s cloud environments without proper tracking and accountability.

Identifying the gaps

Our Cloud Economics Framework will help you identify the gaps that cause costs to escalate. It is a premier enterprise-ready service designed to maximize your success while moving to or already operating in the cloud.

We will help you to:

  • Assess your cloud spend visibility and identify whether your resources are appropriately provisioned
  • Look at whether you’re using the different purchasing options from the various public cloud providers in the most cost-effective way
  • Consider the options to leverage Containerization, Microservices and Serverless within a multi-cloud strategy
  • Assess the tools you’re using to control and optimize costs across cloud platforms, monitor and identify performance issues, and collect cost optimization insights
  • Evaluate (or put in place) the strategies, systems and internal communications to connect your cloud costs with your business insights.

We will help you to assess, design, and implement cloud cost optimization recommendations, from the infrastructure to application layers. With Cloud Economics embedded as a continuous factor in your cloud landscape, you can confidently take the next step on your cloud journey.


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Frederic Cruchet
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Jayanto Mukherjee
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