Cloud Quality Engineering

We enable cloud teams to deliver and deploy quality faster with an integrated validation process.

Ensuring quality in cloud

With our partnership model, we take shared responsibility for the quality during your cloud adoption journey and set the quality goals for your longer-term transformation journey. We offer concrete commitments on test velocity, quality levels in production, test efficiency and test automation levels.

Testing in cloud significantly differs from the traditional approach of application/system testing. Traditional testing validates the functional & non-functional behaviour of the applications, databases & server but in cloud it includes validation of all cloud attributes including scalability, multitenancy, availability and security etc.

Our Cloud Quality Engineering framework provides a complete coverage across the IT landscape based on migration methods – namely re-host, re-platform, re-factor and re-architect/replace – the 5 R’s.

How we’re different

We help to ensure comprehensive test coverage from:

  • A quality baseline assessment
  • Infrastructure provisioning
  • Landing zone validations
  • Pre and post data migration testing
  • Continuous testing through automation
  • Performance monitoring, security testing and end to end testing across the entire lifecycle.

Our reusable accelerators and automation framework are platform agnostic and can be leveraged across cloud providers.

Cloud quality engineering accelerators

  • TestBoost provides end-to-end cloud lifecycle testing for cloud migrations and new implementations
  • Landing zone validation - Terratest based pipeline to validate the newly created landing zone that can run independently or with Cloud Foundation pipeline
  • Infrastructure Testing - Chaos engineering scenarios to test infrastructure performance and remediation
  • Test Environment Provisioning - CI/CD pipeline for automated test environment provisioning, test execution and environment deprovisioning.

While the above-mentioned assets are only applicable for cloud adoption engagements, we also leverage our standard Quality Engineering assets as part of our Cloud Quality Engineering lifecycle :

  • iModel for Automated test case authoring– In-house developed Model-based testing tool that supports continuous testing, accelerates quality by automating the test case generation process, enhances test coverage and covers end-to-end user journeys
  • Ready to use Automation test frameworks – Our assets & frameworks for automation script development & execution for web application, API and Mobile apps
  • Performance As A Code – Our solution for continuous performance testing through a “fail fast and tune faster” approach.

Success story: Strategic cloud migration program for leading provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment solutions

Client challenge

A leading provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment solutions required a strategic cloud migration program for its customer’s 134 applications to an Oracle cloud platform, including server migration, data migration and firewall migration. Scope included:

  • Four data centers
  • Improve the quality baselines in their on-premises set up.

How we made value

  • Quantitative and qualitative application assessment to determine scope for cloud quality engineering, best fit automation frameworks, DevOps strategy and Performance test strategy
  • 7 months cloud quality engineering program, with 5 month of pre-migration preparation phase, followed by 2 months of accelerates and automated test executions
  • High Speed to Market through DevOps and Test Automation leveraging Selenium based framework
  • RightshoreTM / Offshore factory model to support dynamic demands.

Sogeti impact

  • ~45% reduction in testing effort due to DevOps integrated automation
  • 80% automation penetration
  • 50% of applications were performance tested (based on feasibility analysis)

The client now has:

  1. Fully migrated set of 134 applications
  2. DevOps integrated automated test packs for 80% of apps and high-quality manual test packs for 20% of apps.
Strategic Cloud Migration Program

Success story: Accelerated Cloud transformation program for one of the largest and fastest-growing life insurance companies

Client challenge

A leading French life insurance company had a complex IT Landscape of +300 applications across +20 countries. Scope included:

  • 3 target cloud platforms (Azure PaaS, Open PaaS, IBM Private IaaS)
  • Lack of holistic view of IT landscape spread across multiple regions
  • Fragmented IT management with local governance and processes.

How we made value

  • Quantitative and qualitative application assessment to determine target architecture, migration strategy and quality engineering strategy
  • Three Year Cloud Migration & Modernisation roadmap with Quality Engineering strategy, focused on business, infrastructure, application, testing and security
  • High Speed to Market through DevOps and Test Automation leveraging Capgemini’s ADAPT
  • Early detection of defects through shift left testing using integrated security & code quality scanning
  • RightshoreTM / Offshore factory model to support dynamic demands.

Sogeti impact

  • ~25% savings on migration services due to RightshoreTM model
  • 70% reduction in testing effort by implementing ADAPT
  • ~+80 applications migrated, 3-4 (avg) months per application

The client now has:

  1. Fully compliant cloud applications (Security, Data Privacy, Architecture)
  2. Automated deployments with High Availability + Disaster Recovery.
Accelerated Cloud transformation program