We see cybersecurity as an enabler, not a blocker. Our approach lets you unlock competitive differentiators to help you win customers and we have a complete portfolio and broad expertise to help you do this.

Cybersecurity - Making you safer in a connected world

Cybersecurity has never been more relevant. With the potential of crippling ransomware attacks security and risk management leaders need to be able to define and address risks and threats in a new digital environment. Protecting your company and customers through cybersecurity is a business critical priority. Complex technologies, emerging threats and tight regulatory compliance demands a partner with global expertise.

Our portfolio of cybersecurity services has been specifically designed for organisations aiming for digital transformation, securely. Our focus is to bring you the capabilities you need to protect that transformed business.

How? By providing the expertise and global capability to deliver risk analysis, compliance checks, vulnerability tests, implementation of cyber technologies and managed security services.

Making Cybersecurity a Competitive Advantage

High growth companies see information security as an enabler of new business opportunities. focus on supporting business resiliency and responding to cyberattacks, including ransomware, denial-of-service outages and other types of attacks. Use better information security as a competitive differentiator to help win customers.

Create more value from cybersecurity by designing in security from the start and use it as springboard. To support wider organization initiatives.

Agile Security

DevSecOps Alignment

We focus on the security in your DevSecOps transformation. From security reviews of code, to scheduled penetration testing, to plugins for integration to CI/CD pipelines, we have the experience to ensure smooth security integration.

Managed Security Operations Center

Managing Security Operations

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service model gives you enterprise scale protection in a fixed price model. Additional expertise can also be supplied on demand, ensuring you stay protected and ahead of threats.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Compliance First

Making your business compliant is critical. We can provide SMEs, consultants and architects to help conduct a thorough risk analysis and implement security architecture. Our endpoint solutions are also part of the required setup for compliance to many regulations.


What We Do Best

Sogeti acts more as a partner than a service provider for your cybersecurity needs. Our solutions are proven and scalable, and they cover all aspects of enterprise security. Our approach is collaborative and aligned with your business needs.

icon-more-1.pngAgile Security - DevSecOps

More and more organizations are changing to DevOps, and we ensure that’s done securely. Strengthen your applications by effectively identifying and removing critical vulnerabilities – without slowing the pace of change down in your transformation.
icon-more-1.pngCybersecurity Consulting

We help organizations evolve and mature along the journey from foundational reactive security practices to a proactive and adaptive, unified enterprise defence strategy. Understand and manage your risk with our Cybersecurity strategic and operational consulting and audit services.
icon-more-1.pngIdentity and Access Management

Manage the Cybersecurity threats from compromised identity management with our proven toolset and methodologies. We have expertise from every vertical in protecting against the ever-increasing risks in this area.
icon-more-1.pngIndustrial & IOT Cybersecurity

Our Device Management Service optimizes performance, reliability and security effectiveness by configuring, tuning, updating and monitoring your deployed devices 24/7 whether deployed in an IT or OT/IoT environment.
icon-more-1.pngManaged Security Operations Center

Our network of connected 24/7 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) stretches across the world, with SOCs in India, Europe and North America complemented by satellite SOCs and give you the resources and skills you need to counter the threat - fast.
icon-more-1.pngAudit & Penetration Testing

Test your security from our ‘White Hat’ cyber attacks. We think like an attacker to see if your system is truly secure and use our global insight to ensure you are proof against the most recent threat profiles.

Featured Insights

It can be hard to judge what your real security maturity is as new threats constantly emerge? Let us help you find out.


Better together

As part of the Capgemini global Cybersecurity practice, we have over 4,500 experts, leverage the best of breed technology from the market and have strong relationships with our innovative partners such as IBM, Microsoft and Micro Focus.


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Our experts help your team gain access to proven cybersecurity practitioners enabled by expertise and driven by experience.

Jean-Marc Bianchini
Jean-Marc Bianchini
Global Head of Cybersecurity Services

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