Briefing Malware

Briefing Malware - 23/11/2021

23th of November 2021 - Winners of the 47th week : Redline, Emotet and Formbook .

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Emotet (ID Mitre: S0367)

Netskope Threat Coverage: The Return of Emotet

#Netskope published a report about the return of one of the most important threat of the beginning of this year, #Emotet. This threat has been spotted again in a campaign delivered by the #Trickbot botnet infrastructure.  Emotet is active since 2014 and was initially a #banking trojan that has evolved in a botnet used to delivered other loaders such as Trickbot or #IcedID but also #ransomware payloads namely #Ryuk before being taken down by law enforcement agencies in January 2021. The new campaign lure victims to active macros in Microsoft Office to execute obfuscated #Powershell scripts which will download malicious DLLs ending the process with a packed DLL; the last step being Emotet execution in memory. After that, Emotet will start its communications with Command and control (#C&C) servers. As of writing, there's 13 servers online.


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