Briefing Malware

Briefing Malware - 15/02/2022

15th of February 2022 - Winners of the 7th week : Emotet, Redline and NjRAT.

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Redline (NC)

Attackers Disguise RedLine Stealer as a Windows 11 Upgrade

#HP Threat Research team discovered a new campaign related to the latest operating system from #Microsoft, Windows 11.

After #Microsoft announced that they started the last phase of upgrade to Windows 11 on January 27th, a suspicious domain named windows-upgraded[.]com which personalizes a typical Microsoft website where anyone could download a ZIP file,, claiming the capability to install the new system but delivering the information stealer #Redline.

This opportunistic campaign is similar to another campaign in December 2021 where a phishing website was created impersonating social network #Discord also delivering Redline.

#Redline is an information stealer following a Malware-as-a-Service model (#MaaS) and running at least since 2020. It steals #credentials, #browser history, #credit card information as well as taking desktop #screenshots or saving #keystrokes. Redline also allows to execute commands on the victims and upload or download files.


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