Briefing Malware

Briefing Malware - 11/05/2022

11th of May 2022 - Winners of the 19th week : Redline, NjRAT and Agent Tesla.

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Remcos (ID Mitre: S0332)

Password protected Excel files used to drop the Remcos RAT

#Remcos RAT , a commercial software sold online, was originally designed as a professional tool to #control Microsoft Windows computers remotely. This RAT is recognized as a malware family as it has been misused by hackers to secretly control victims' devices since its first release on July 21, 2016.

Brad Duncan from recently analyzed a #phishing email that will lead to #Remcos V3 . Containing the password in clear text of a password protected attachment, the infection starts when the user opens the document and enables the macro. A macro will then initiate a communication with the #C2 server of the Remcos malware.

Following this communication, a #vbs file generated from the C2 server response will be created in the folder used for automatic program startup under the Windows environment. A #registry key is also updated, containing a license key for the Remcos software.

Finally, a #keylogger is launched, to retrieve user activity.


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