Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity Consulting

Build your organization’s cybersecurity capabilities from the ground up or transform an existing program into a mature intelligence based organization.

Cybersecurity Consulting – securing your security blueprint

With the growth in cyber attacks and data breaches costing business and the public sector millions every year, cybersecurity is high on the strategic agenda.

We help organizations evolve and mature along the journey from foundational reactive security practices to a proactive and adaptive, unified enterprise defense strategy.

Create more value from cybersecurity by designing in security from the start and use it as springboard. To support wider organization initiatives, we give you vital insight into your current security position with assessments, diagnosis and audits of your data protection, critical infrastructure and technologies.

We then work with you to define and implement the right strategy to support your strategic and operational objectives.

Plan ahead to secure the benefits

The more you know about your vulnerabilities and security controls, the more you can strengthen your organization with effective procedures for governance, risk and compliance.

Cybersecurity Consulting

The future today

We have deep understanding of Next Generation detection technologies and of AI security solutions like IBM Watson for Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Consulting

DevSecOps alignment

We focus on the security in your DevSecOps transformation. From security reviews of code, to scheduled penetration testing, to plugins for integration to CI/CD pipelines, we have the experience to ensure smooth security integration.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Risk analysis

We carry out more than 150 risk analyses and safety approvals each year. We’ve mastered all the standards (ISO 27005) and methods (EBIOS 2010 and Risk Manager), and we rely on the best tools on the market.


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Our experts help your team gain access to proven cybersecurity practitioners enabled by expertise and driven by experience.

Jean-Marc Bianchini
Jean-Marc Bianchini
Global Head of Cybersecurity Services

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