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Unlocking Digital Happiness

At Sogeti, we see digital transformation differently. Clients choose us because our focus is on delivering the practical value from what we term ‘digital happiness’. We drive up revenue from adoption, we deliver best in class customer and employee experiences to turn happy into profitable.

Our thought leadership in Digital Advisory is underpinned by a global set of robust, ready to go digital platforms and enablers. By digitizing their processes and embracing hot new tech, we give our clients the confidence to accelerate.

Our whole portfolio has been designed to power up your capability through pragmatic, easy to consume services designed around your three priorities - delivering a great digital experience, boosting your digital marketing, and focus on your customer.

Making Digital Value

We make sure your digital transformation is focussed exclusively on measurable benefit.


Focus on experience

The Digital world is accelerating. We have arranged our services based on the three things we’ve seen our clients demand: a better digital experience; sharper digital marketing; and a laser focus on the customer.


Featured Insights

In the Digital space, today’s thought leadership is tomorrow’s old news. We put clients right at the forefront through our world leading experts and our proven approach.


Better together

Sogeti, as part of the Capgemini Group, is partnered with the world-leading MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. We recently released a joint report of moving “from UX to CX” that looks at Collaboration as the key factor in the Digital economy.

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Our Experts:

Sogeti puts some of the most innovative, respected and high calibre experts in the digital world to work for you.

Jorik Abspoel
Jorik Abspoel
Global Head of Digital, Sogeti Group
Michiel Boreel
Michiel Boreel
Group Chief Technology Officer of Sogeti

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