Inner source adoption via the Sogeti CloudBoost library

InnerSource adoption via the Sogeti CloudBoost library

Reusable templates and scripts for automating the provisioning of cloud infrastructures.

To enable continuous improvement, organizations are adopting an “everything-as-code” model. This sees, not only applications, but networks, compute infrastructure, security policy, build and release pipelines, etc… all written “as code” and stored in a source code repository.

This practice fosters continuous improvement by updating and improving on the source code, promoting better re-use and greater transparency across the organization. Teams use best practices from open-source projects and adopt an InnerSource methodology. These teams share reference architectures, application and infrastructure code, and common components to streamline and optimize their workstreams.

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The Sogeti CloudBoost library

The Sogeti CloudBoost library contains reusable templates and scripts for automating the provisioning of cloud infrastructures. A team of Sogeti CloudBoost guardians, workgroups, communities and contributors maintain the library to keep up with the ever-evolving public cloud services and DevOps practices. Open-source practices are used within Sogeti to maintain the library.

The GIT distributed version control system holds the CloudBoost library assets. These assets follow the everything-as-code DevOps principle, which enables a full environment to be reproduced within minutes based on the as-code artifacts like templates and scripts. The CloudBoost library contains these scripts, release automation, cloud templates and documentation, all as code.

Landing zones are an important part of the CloudBoost library. These are the base for enterprise cloud adoption and fulfill the enterprise needs for security, backup, regulations and more. The CloudBoost library contains a collection of landing zones for specific scenarios and cloud platforms.

The 3 pillars of the CloudBoost library

The CloudBoost library rests on a foundation of the Sogeti Digital Reference Architecture, which is more than a set of principles. It presents highly accessible building-block definitions and provides templates (technical building blocks). This combination accelerates enterprise cloud implementations and improves the efficiency and manageability of cloud environments and innovation.

The Sogeti Digital Reference Architecture, the landing zones and the CloudBoost as-code assets form the three pillars of the CloudBoost library. We support organizations in building their cloud and DevOps practices based on the lessons learned from our own CloudBoost library to speed up the knowledge base and give teams a kickstart on InnerSource and cloud infrastructures.


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