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Quality Engineering for Sustainable IT

Measure and improve the sustainability of your IT applications with our 3-Dimensional Quality Engineering approach.

Lead the journey to Sustainable IT

Sustainability has three dimensions Environment, Economy, Social. As enterprises strive for a more sustainable future, quality engineering will play an increasingly vital role in the implementation of Sustainable IT strategies.

Key ‘green quality’ objectives are driven by business priorities and include:

  • Grow with sustainability by design
  • Reduce energy use, resource consumption and technology debt
  • Ensure the resilience of mission-critical systems

Sogeti’s approach to helping you achieve these objectives with quality engineering  rests on our VOICE model within the renowned TMAP™ body of testing knowledge:

Value: Environmental impact, economic benefits, brand value
Objectives: Energy & resource optimized systems/IT applications
Indicators: Sustainable quality KPIs tracking utilization, automation
Confidence: E2E business assurance
Experience: Faster adoption rate, usability, accessibility

How we’re different

With our leading quality expertise, proven methodologies and accelerators, we give our clients the assurance of increased business value and measurable Sustainable IT outcomes. How? Through the Green Quality assessment driven Strategy, AI in-built solutions and transparency through green quality metrics across the three dimensions of economic, social, and environment – our 3D approach.

We share responsibility with our clients for these green quality  dimensions within their Sustainable IT solutions. As a holistic 3D approach, our Quality Engineering for Sustainable IT solutions bring both business and IT benefits as we help to deliver green quality engineering at speed with a focus on the following outcomes:


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Quality engineering for sustainable IT: Through the development lifecycle of design, implement and release to production.

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Our Experts:

To help you reduce the carbon footprint of your critical business processes, our Quality Engineering experts can help you to strategize and innovate how your business utilizes the latest technology to deliver Quality with Sustainable IT.

Maheshwar Kanitkar
Maheshwar Kanitkar
Global Sales Leader for Quality Engineering & Testing
Antoine Aymer
Antoine Aymer
Global Strategic Portfolio Director for Testing
Mark Buenen
Mark Buenen
Global Leader Quality Engineering & Testing, Capgemini Group
Parinita Patankar
Parinita Patankar
Vice President, Quality Engineering & Testing Practice Lead, Sogeti

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