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SMART WorkSpace – Working collaboratively together in the cloud

In five years 75% of the modern workforce will be millennials. Almost half say they are likely to quit jobs if required to use substandard technology.

So employees in today’s connected world need employers who enable them to work flexibly, to work collaboratively together, to work on different devices, and to do that wherever they are.

Sogeti’s SMART WorkSpace delivers all of that. It’s a tightly controlled and secure workplace that’s easy to manage. Powered by Windows 10, it’s user-centered for a digital transformation enterprise ready solution compatible with any device and available on a pay-per-use model.

Freedom To Roam

A contented workforce is a productive workforce. Happy employees are customer focused, enthusiastic, and committed to your brand. Our SMART WorkSpace solution connects your teams to a high-performance platform. They can then get on with what they do best, without obstacles and without limits. We’ve taken 5 million devices and counting, here’s how...


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Client: City of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam)
Region: Netherlands
Industry: Government/Public Sector
Offer: Managed Service for Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Improving workplace productivity, standardization, and compliance with Sogeti IAM

Amsterdam’s architectural and cultural heritage is among the finest in the world. But there’s nothing old-fashioned about the City of Amsterdam’s attitude to technology.

When they realized its IAM landscape was leading to delays, errors and reduced productivity, it chose a Sogeti managed IAM service in order to streamline the login experience for its 23,000 employees.

With the new innovative solution, employees can now log in and access approximately 1,200 applications using a standardized process, improving the end user experience. Thanks to the associated automated services they can also supervise and request account authorizations themselves, streamlining the inflow, outflow and progression of employees, resulting in a welcome productivity boost. While a clear view of the status of each account helps the municipality to maintain regulatory compliance.

It all adds up to a safer, more productive and efficient working environment for the employees of this historic city.

Case Study Amsterdam IAM


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