Who is going to speak during the 2014 Sogeti Executive Summit?

Didier Bonnet, "Leading Digital"

Didier BonnetDr. Didier Bonnet is Global Practice Leader at Capgemini Consulting and Executive Sponsor for Capgemini Consulting’s Digital Transformation program.

Didier believes that Digital Transformation will have a profound impact on all sectors and that, over time, no company will be immune from this transformation. His interest is in understanding how technologies are impacting every aspect of business: strategy, customer experience, people and operations. In his view, the digital revolution creates huge opportunities to make organizations more efficient and responsive, to change the way people work and share, as well as strongly enhancing the experience of customers as they interact with organizations.

Prior to his current role, Didier was the Global Leader of the Telecom, Media & Entertainment practice at Capgemini Consulting for 15 years. He joined the organization as a corporate strategy consultant in 1990. He has more than 25 years’ experience in strategy development, globalization, internet and digital economics as well as in business transformation for large multinational corporations. Didier also leads Capgemini Consulting’s three-year joint research program with the MIT Sloan Centre for Digital Business.

Didier graduated in Business Economics with an MBA from a French business school and holds a DPhil from Oxford University.

Didier Bonnet's presentation at the Sogeti Executive Summit.


Michiel Boreel

Michiel BoreelMichiel Boreel is working in the IT Industry for over 25 years. Now in the role of CTO contributing to the innovation in the group.

Educated as an Industrial Engineer, Michiel started his working career in 1986 as a junior consultant with a highly regarded management consultancy firm in Amsterdam. After two years of advisory work on large scale restructuring of both public and private firms, he made the transition towards the information technology industry in 1988 by joining one of the companies that are now united in Sogeti. Performing several assignments in systems programming and security he learned about the more technical side of the profession.

Combining both technical skills and organizational experience, Michiel started advising about the reverse engineering of legacy information systems and migration estimation methods. Adding commercial responsibilities he worked for a couple of years as an account manager for clients in the financial and telecom industry.

In 1994 Sogeti asked Michiel to lead a new initiative, Vision, Inspiration, Navigation Trends (VINT), a small research group with the goal of inspiring customers to apply new technology in business processes. Constant theme in all of the VINT research is the question what role IT will play in the future society and how technology can be applied to create meaningful business innovation. Since the start of the institute it has published over 15 books. Some of the latest publications are “Internet of Things”, “Big Data”, “The App Effect”, “Don’t be Evil”, “Seize the Cloud – A Manager’s Guide to Success with Cloud Computing”, “Collaboration in the cloud – How cross boundary collaboration is changing business”, “Virtual Concept - Real Profit with Digital Manufacturing and Simulation”, “Me the Media – The rise of the conversation society”, “Open for Business – Open source inspired innovation” and “SOA for Profit – A Manager’s Guide to Success with Service Oriented Architecture”. Over the last couple of years, VINT has evolved from targeting a Dutch audience towards a more international stage. Many books have been translated into English, French, German and Spanish.

Based on his research and books, Michiel Boreel is often asked for his engaging and visionary speeches or in the role of Master of Ceremony at national and international events. Additionally he works with many clients to create in-house innovation workshops where, through a strategic dialogue, emerging technologies are translated into specific business innovation opportunities.

Since 2007, Michiel Boreel is, as Chief Technology Officer, part of the Management Board of Sogeti Group on international level.


Jochen Burkhardt, "The Connected Home"

Jochen BurkhardtJochen Burkhardt works in the IBM Pervasive Computing Division and has been involved in several projects in this area since the beginning of the mobile internet and pervasive computing revolution.




Menno van Doorn

Menno van DoornMenno is Director of the Sogeti Research Institute for the Analysis of New Technology (VINT). He mixes personal life experiences with the findings of the 19 years of research done at the VINT Research Institute. Menno has co-authored many books on the impact of new technology on business and society. This is the list of the books and research project he has worked on:

  • Making IT-Governance Work
  • Open for Business – open-source-inspired innovation
  • Me the Media: Rise of the conversation Society
  • Don’t Be Evil
  • Powershift – energy transition
  • The App Effect
  • Cyber Security Manifesto
  • Big Data
  • “Things”

Menno received the Computable Award  “Researcher of the Year” for research done in the field of open innovation and business transformation in October 2007. He is member of the Advisory Board of the Telecom & Management School of Business in Paris and member of the Coordinating Commission of the Social Media Research Centre Somere of the University of Twente (Netherlands). Menno is the host of a 1300+ business innovation community called “Social Strategy Talk” with events that are held in Amsterdam. He was born in Gouda (say cheese) and went to Erasmus University to specialize himself in the field of economic psychology. This formed the base of his human-centric view on new technology.

Menno van Doorn's presentation at the Sogeti Executive Summit.


Pierre Hessler

Pierre HesslerPierre Hessler is a Capgemini Fellow and Chairman’s delegate. He focuses on business transformation, business technology and corporate management.

He is also a board member of Bureau Veritas SA and head of Actideas.

Pierre Hessler joined in 1993 Cap Gemini, where he served in several executive positions, notably as a member of the Directoire and as chairman and CEO of Gemini Consulting. He served on the board of directors between 2000 and 2012.

Pierre Hessler started his career in 1965 in IBM Switzerland, holding executive positions in Europe and in the United States, notably as corporate vice-president for marketing, and general manager for marketing, services and operations of IBM Europe.

Swiss and French citizen, aged 68, married with 2 children, graduate of the University  of Lausanne with degrees in law and economics, author of  “Media and Corporate Scandals”.


John Hogan, "The next Epoch of Computing"

John HoganJohn Hogan is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the Watson Group at IBM. The Watson Group is dedicated to advancing computing to a brand new era where machines engage with humans naturally to answer our questions and partner with us to solve the most complex problems. 

John previously developed the Intelligent Operations Center which gives governments access to the best real-time data and the best decision support available. Governments around the world use this technology to manage transportation systems, produce and distribute cleaner water, and prepare for and respond to disasters as they occur. 

John holds an MS in Information Systems from the University of Arizona in Tucson.

John Hogan's presentation at the Sogeti Executive Summit.


Patrick Kalaher, "Design Thinking"

Patrick Kalaher

Patrick Kalaher is Vice President, Technology Strategy at frog. 
frog is a global product strategy and design firm. They identify business opportunities, create great products, and design meaningful experiences to grow brands and delight customers. frog has more than 600 strategists, researchers, designers, and technologists who consult and partner with clients across industries. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company has offices in Amsterdam, Austin, Boston, Milan, Munich, New York, Seattle, Shanghai, and Singapore.

For more than ten years, Patrick has consulted leading high-tech, telecom, utility, and pharmaceutical firms, driving transformation and strategic product development from the executive suite down to line of business and operations. Patrick has an extensive background in product ideation, product strategy and implementation across North America, Europe and Asia. He is a systems architect by training, with over nineteen years of experience in cloud computing, enterprise-wide SOA and large-scale, internet, and M2M architecture.

Many of today’s design leaders started at frog, including Herbie Pfeifer, Paul Montgomery, Tylor Garland, Steven Skov Holt, Jon Guerra, Gadi Amit, Ross Lovegrove, Tucker Viemeister and Yves Behar.

Patrick Kalaher's presentation at the Sogeti Executive Summit.


Hannu Kauppinen, "A Programmable World"

Dr. Hannu Kauppinen is currently leading the Nokia Labs. In this role he is responsible for the long term R&D for Nokia Technologies, one of the three businesses of Nokia. Dr. Kauppinen has a strong track record in bringing research innovations to products. He joined Nokia Research Center in 1997 and has since then held key leadership positions in Nokia’s R&D. He has contributed to and overseen research in cognitive radio systems, cellular systems, wireless local connectivity, networking technologies, software defined radios, RF and antenna design, as well as sensing and positioning radios, audiovisual technologies, nanomaterials and their applications for sensing. During 2007–2008 and 2010–2011 he was the director of the Radio Systems Laboratory in Nokia Research Center and was responsible for the research for 3GPP and IEEE radio standards as well as the research for cognitive and sensor radios to ensure innovativeness and competitiveness of wireless communication solutions in Nokia’s products. Hannu Kauppinen holds a PhD degree in Physics (1997) and an Executive MBA (2007), both from the Aalto University in Helsinki.

Nokia Technologies develops and licenses cutting-edge innovations that are powering the next revolution in computing and mobility: the “programmable world” where intelligent connections bring millions of everyday objects online and create exciting new possibilities. Through Nokia Technologies, Nokia will invest in the further development of its industry-leading innovation portfolio. This will include expanding our successful IP licensing program, helping other companies and organizations benefit from our breakthrough innovations, and exploring new technologies for use in potential future products and services. At the heart of Nokia Technologies is a world-class research and development team. Our scientists, engineers and licensing experts draw on deep expertise in areas ranging from imaging and sensing, wireless connectivity and power management, to advanced materials and beyond.


Patrick Naef, "A 30 year old Start Up"

Patrick Naef

Patrick Naef is Divisional Senior Vice President IT of the Emirates Group, which comprises of Emirates, dnata and more than 80 group subsidiaries operating across the international aviation, travel, tourism and leisure industries.

With more than 68,000 employees and annual revenues in excess of US$21 billion, Patrick is responsible for providing business technology solutions and systems to support the daily global operations and future growth plans of the group and its subsidiary companies.

His remit also includes full accountability for mercator, the commercial facing arm of Emirates Group IT. New technologies developed by mercator are marketed and sold to airlines across the world; with more than 100 airlines currently using mercator's products to manage their passenger and cargo operations.

Born and educated in Switzerland, Patrick has more than 20 years of experience in senior management gained from the information technology, banking, finance and insurance services industries.

Before joining Emirates, he held the position of Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President of Swissair. Prior to this, Patrick was Chief Technology Officer of the Swissair Group and founding member of its internet travel portal, beyoo.com.

Other positions held include Group Chief Information Officer of SIG Group, a global industry manufacturing group headquartered in Switzerland and various roles with Bank Julius Bar, Zurich Financial Services and Hewlett-Packard.

Patrick holds an Executive MBA in Business Engineering and a Masters of Computer Science from the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland.

Patrick Naef's presentation at the Sogeti Executive Summit.


Fabien Nestmann, "Disruptive Innovation"

Fabien NestmannFabien Nestmann is General Manager Munich at Uber Technologies.

He previously worked for Indetive Group in diferent areas such as finance, IR, M&A and business development (automotive, NFC, and general), and has experience in managing organic and acquisitive growth.

Nestmann describes himself as "open minded and annoyingly honest, interested in languages, cultures and people and problem solving with an ability to adapt quickly in (m)any environments."


Tim O'Brien, "New Rules: the Transformation of IT"

Tim O'BrienTim O’Brien leads the Platform Strategy Group in Developer & Platform Evangelism at Microsoft Corp. Tim is responsible for technical evangelism of Microsoft platform technologies, including Windows, Windows Phone, and Windows Azure. Tim is at the forefront of the company’s evangelism efforts, working with senior technical and business leaders within Microsoft on the development of strategies to drive adoption of device platforms and cloud services. 

Before joining Microsoft in 2003, Tim worked as an engineer, a marketer and a consultant at both startups and Fortune 500 companies. He has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry.

Tim has a BS in engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School.

Tim O'Brien's presentation at the Sogeti Executive Summit.


Joseph Pine, "Destructive Recreation"

Joseph PineA writer and veteran consultant to entrepreneurs and executives alike, Joseph Pine's books and workshops help businesses create what modern consumers really want: authentic experiences.

Joseph Pine's career as a business coach began at IBM when he did something truly unorthodox: he brought business partners and customers into the development process of a new computer. Taking from this the lesson that every customer is unique, he wrote a book called Mass Customi-zation on businesses that serve customers' unique needs. Later he discovered what he would coin the "Experience Economy" -- consumers buying experiences rather than goods or commodities -- and wrote a book of the same name.

Pine and his friend Jim Gilmore have since turned their focus to authenticity, which they argue is the main criterion people use when deciding what to buy. (The idea was featured in TIME's "10 Ideas That Are Changing the World," and also became a book.) They joke that their company, Strategic Horizons, ought to be called "Frameworks 'R' Us," after their specialty in helping others see business differently.

Joseph Pine's presentation at the Sogeti Executive Summit.


Mark Plakias, "Unicorns, Startups and Giants"

Mark PlakiasMark Plakias is Vice-President of Knowledge Transfer at Orange Silicon Valley. His office manages OSV’s content strategy, market intelligence operations, creative services, initiatives on innovation best practices including Orange Institute, as well as topics relating to communications industry evolution. Recent research projects have focused on personal data, restructuring legacy institutions in the face of “Unicorn” disruptors, and various forms of algorithmic intervention. Previously Mark worked at Atari. He has been quoted in the New York Times, Businessweek, and Wall Street Journal among others. Mark is a graduate of Yale University.

Mark Plakias's presentation at the Sogeti Executive Summit.


Daan Roosegaarde, "Techno-Poetry"

Daan RoosegaardeArtist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde (1979) is internationally known for creating social designs that explore the relation between people, technology and space. His Studio Roosegaarde is the social design lab with his team of designers and engineers based in the Netherlands and Shanghai.

With projects ranging from fashion to architecture his interactive designs such as Dune, Intimacy and Smart Highway are tactile high-tech environments in which viewer and space become one. This connection, established between ideology and technology, results in what Roosegaarde calls 'techno-poetry'.

Roosegaarde is in the GOOD 100 of creative changemakers, and has won the Accenture Innova-tion Award, INDEX Award, World Technology Award, Charlotte Köhler Award, two Dutch Design Awards, and China's Most Successful Design Award. He has been the focus of exhibitions at Tate Modern, National Museum in Tokyo, Victoria and Albert Museum, and various public spaces in Rotterdam and Hong Kong.

Daan Roosegaarde is a frequent invited lecturer at international conferences such as TED and Design Indaba, and TV media guest at De Wereld Draait Door and CNN.


Ted Schadler, "The Mobile Mindshift"

Ted SchadlerTed serves CIOs. He has 24 years of experience in the technology industry, focusing on the effects of disruptive technologies on the workforce and workforce productivity. His research focuses on workforce technologies and the programs that support them, including smartphones, tablets, and their impact on productivity; social business and collaboration tools; cloud email and collaboration tools; and the consumerization of IT.

Ted is the co-author of Empowered: Unleash Your Employees, Energize Your Customers, and Transform Your Business (Harvard Business Review Press, September 2010). Social, mobile, video, and cloud Internet services give consumers and business customers more information power than ever before. To win customer trust and business, companies must empower their employees to directly engage with and solve the problems of empowered customers using these same technologies.

It is through this empowered lens that the consumerization of IT makes sense: employees solving customer and business problems using readily available technology that they master first at home — social, mobile, video, and cloud. This management book helps CIOs and IT organizations en-gage directly with business managers and employees to build an empowered strategy: under-standing which employees are workforce "HEROes" — highly empowered and resourceful opera-tives — implementing empowering collaboration and innovation programs, creating a new empow-ered security architecture, and supporting HEROes with the right technology platforms.

In 2009, Ted launched Forrester's Workforce Technology Assessment, the industry's first bench-mark survey of workforce technology adoption. This quantitative approach helps professionals and the teams they work with have a fact-based conversation about employees' technology adoption and requirements.

Ted Schadler's presentation at the Sogeti Executive Summit.

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